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Soul Land 2 (Soul Land II) manga review by MangaDragon.net

Thứ ba - 31/12/2019 22:58

Soul Land II manga (斗罗大陆2绝世唐门) is a series you cannot ignore if you are a big fan of ActionFantasyManhuaMartial ArtsRomanceShounenSupernatural

While it was a fun story to read, Soul Land 2 felt like the author wrote this to earn money instead of fans. It started to go downhill towards the end and I had to finish it for sake of finishing it.

As a guy who read his previous work, the prequal "Douluo Dalu",the setting changed from using arrows to using cannons yet this sequal felt like a step down in terms of story and character depth. 

Story (may contain spoilers)

In terms of story, I have always liked those types protagonists that set out for revenge and train themself and become OP later, but as the story progresses it changed to him chasing after his lover again and again. (also, don't know if it would transfer over to the English version, but the author lacks writing ability as certain descriptive phrases were repeated many many times in the story.

Although I did enjoy the rise of the protagonist, the fights and the war, the repetiveness of him "chasing" the girl makes it hard for me to give it higher than a 6/10.

*However, if you can look pass that sort of repeating theme of his love life, the story as a whole is actually quite nice. Fighting with his life on the line, meeting people, losing people, crushing evil, saving people, epic OP skills....7/10


Uh...its a web novel so there arent much art. The volume covers are nice so I guess theres that. 8/10.


Also a certain someone's ability is too similar to a certain food soul charater from the prequel. Maybe the author was trying the same lewd jokes again? well it didnt work for me in particular. Also he's ability was claimed to be "legendary", yet rarely used in later of the story(by his team mates). 

The author had his heart in the right place as he tried to over power the protagonist in order for him to shine brighter than Tangsan from the prequel. Personally I felt it was a little over the top. 

Overall, each character was introduced with their own back ground and motivation, but there still seems to be something missing. A couple of characters seem to be lacking passion for their training and seems to just be doing cause the author told them to...6/10


It was a fun story to read dispite all its downsides. 7/10.

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So this series takes place about ten thousand years after the first one and takes place with a different main character, but this main character is also OP as hell. The main shocking thing with this main character the author actually makes it harder for him to do things but not so much that it's actually impossible just hard. I will say it's a good Mahwah but it's not the best, only for the simple fact that basic like the first one it expands on different aspects that weren't touched upon in the first one nor does it go off into some random bullshit where he just is overpowering everyone. He actually does earn his titles and his championships but they are kind of handed to him again, to be honest.

The fact that he gets so many Spirit Essence bones and his rings are so damn powerful and then he has three other Souls living within his own body that help him determine what's a good creature to kill take it as his other ring this seems quite retarded. The simple fact that none of the characters noticed this dude named Wong Dong is actually a chick I mean, as the MC states (s)he smells nice, his(her) body soft, his(her) muscles have disappeared, and IMO (s)he can do splits like no one's business. Their spirit essence is a god damn goddess, literally a goddess. I'll be honest with you I really do like this serious and it's engrossing.

I love using that word Mahwah are actually really good to read I would recommend this multiple reads for obvious reasons and some not so obvious as they get more in-depth into these Spirit weapons which are the new Ultimate Weapon to use against other Spirit Masters and whatnot I mean that's just insane where did this come from now they're going into some sort of Industrial Revolution part of the series that's cool it's actually a good idea. It's an original aspect and it takes it into a new direction that I have no idea where it's going to go in the future don't know about the people who review this before me I believe there's only two as of this point in time at is at January 18th, 2018 so 130 chapters lonerinthecorner stopped reading it 2 years ago so bad right off the bat. I just re-read it and now I see they didn't even read this manga they gave a review for the Light novel. And kirrizah might have liked it better if they read the first series instead of skipping to this one. But I found it a great recommendation but only after reading the first one.


It's a shame I couldn't make myself like this manga more, the art style was nice and the story wasn't a bad one, but I ended up just hating this. The story was ok, but it moved way too fast. Everything felt rushed and sudden and it was hard to follow. It was hard to really connect with any of the characters because everything happened so suddenly. The mc is super weak and then BOOM 2 chapters later he's the strongest kid around. There are so many things that seem to have just been "tossed in" at random. I ended up just dropping it due to the rushed feeling of the story. It really ruined it for me. 


I love it, want more chapters, and wang dong is the best.

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